Thursday, 27 February 2014

Getting the right insoles

Recently I found out the hard and painful way just why you should look after your feet and why you should wear good insoles in your shoes. My plantar fascia got inflamed and you know what that means.. yes that's right plantar fasciitis something all runners and athletes dread. I do a lot of sport from soccer to athletics I am a very active person who never likes to stand still not even for just one minute so this condition that now has just about left me unable to walk properly has really hit me hard and the fact that I can no longer do the sports that I love really hurts me more than the pain of plantar fasciitis.

What I need to stop all of this is insoles! You might not think insoles are very important but if you are into your sports they are super important!

There are lots of very high technical and confusing articles on the internet about plantar fasciitis I managed to find a good noob friendly guide over on wps that basically put me in the right direction saying that if you want to stay on your feet whilst you recover from plantar fasciitis you will need to keep as much weight off the effected plantar fascia as possible and this can be achieved by wearing special arch support insoles..... I then Found another good article on wps again that told me what the best insoles are to buy. Very help full indeed! I was going to go and buy some custom ones but apparently these aren't as good as you might think according to that article which is good as that saves me quite a few bucks too. My plan now is to wear some plantar fasciitis arch support insoles as well as keeping my feet safe and out of action until I am fully recovered and only then will I go back into sport as if you dont allow a full recover you might just find that the plantar fasciitis always comes back over and over again.

So even when I have not got this anymore I will have to keep on wearing my insoles even after as a way to prevent it from occurring again as chances are once I got it once chances are I will get it again, I figure the underlining cause of my plantar fasciitis was that I was not wearing the right support in my shoes anyway so that should fix that anyway.

Saturday, 16 November 2013

American football is just boring...

I did try to watch American football..honest I did but my gosh not for long . American football just is so annoying its more of a one big advertisement than a sport and it is always constantly stopping and starting to get in more ads. I am from England which has the bbc and the bbc has no ads on tv! I would really hate to live in America where capitalism really is rampant and everyone lives under the rule of big cooperation's telling them how to live and what they MUST buy... Does anyone know what I am talking about when I say this? Surely other hate American football too? Or are most Americans so used too all the ads by now they are blind to them? I dont get why American football is so popular with all the stopping and starting it is really hard to keep up and it just turns into some fragmented mess with ads everywhere... Not my cup of tea if you ask me. I think that I will stick to watching my British sports on the bbc for the time being with no ads whatsoever.. that suits me as I dont like being told what to buy every minute.

Seo and stress can kill!

I work in a office my job is seo.. so I am always sat down all day and getting stressed out because seo is a very stressful job it en-tales getting websites to rank in the search engines and because search engines are pretty much run by real evil nerd..honestly they are the most evil freaks ever.. then it can be really stressful. Not moving and stress all day are ingredients for a heart attack so that is why when I am not working 12 hours a day i am moving like crazy and always active! Staying active by playing sports and runnign around a lot will hopefully put the balance right and keep me healthy... Many people in my situation though dont as they are simply way too tired after a stress full day at the office to actually then go out and play sports or exercise.. which means that overtime this can really be lethal.... So not noly are these nerds destroying small businesses and causing people stress these nerds can be blamed for heart attacks and deaths too I would imagine!

What music do you listen too when working out

When I workout and or go on a  run I usually listen to really upbeat trance music as it really is motivating and inspiring which helps me run a little bit faster and because i like listening to the music it makes me run for longer just so I can listen to the full playlist.. Listening to music whilst I run or workout also distracts me from the pain of exercising and helps me push further.. But it has to be said though that you want to be aware enough and not just listen to the music and not actually workout properly though.. as sometimes i just listen to the music and forget to actually do anything.. but sometimes I know that I do push myself really far because the music help me by inspiring me! The human body is not a machine and need inspiration to work as much as anything else like food and nutrition motivation and inspiration is the greatest driving forces behind us... unlocking this will make you the best sport person it sometimes does to me! I assure you ;)

What foods will keep you healthy

I keep on talking about my skiing trip that I am going on in December because well it is just so exciting... but I need your help or some advice to help me get healthy... Food i need healthy food ideas.. I know that I should stop eating biscuits and other unhealthy foods and instead of just starving myself which is very unhealthy and makes your body much weaker as your body uses up your muscles before your fat stores to help get energy from when hungry so I will need replace those biscuits and fast foods with food that are really good for you. I was thinking of getting some healthy super foods like blueberries to hopefully fill me up and snack on instead of biscuits.. But i know that blueberries dont have that many calories in them so I will need to eat enough and not just a few.. Plus obviously eating a good diet isn't enough you need to keep your body active to make it efficient and get all the nutrients form these foods so I will be exercising everyday.. I think you should exercise everyday.. so i have heard.. unless you exercise every other day and then rest in between.. Actually that sounds better and more easy I think I will settle with that. Any one got any more advice? Thanks!

Preparing for skiing soon!

In my last blog post I mentioned that i am going skiing soon.. how exciting. To prepare I thought i should at least prepare myself for the cold so I decided that I will start running in the cold in the morning this will help me get used (acclimatized to the cold) and get fit and healthy too.. as with skiing it is meant to be a very tough exercise that only the very fittest can survive... so i really do need to get fit! I am so excited about going skiing.. I will bring my laptop with me to blog here and tell you all how I am getting on... but then again I dont know if they will have wifi all the way up in the mountains where it is very isolated and snow everywhere.. but we will see. Well I guess that i can still bring a long with me my laptop and just create a diary and post it on the internet when I get back... yeah that sounds about right. Anyway has any one got any tips for skiing? IL need all the tips and tricks there are.. I am really clumsy so I will probably fall over a lot or worse come back home wiht a couple broken bones and what not! Oh dear... Well I guess most accidents happen because people are to aware and I should just enjoy skiing and not think about falling over and hurting myself.

I will definitely make sure I take lots of photo to post here or somewhere to show you guys all my adventures when I go skiing. :)

Going skiing soon

I decided that because I have never been skiing I have to at least try it.. so im going skiing in Italy soon with my friends.. Im paying, costing me a lot of money but skiing should be fun.. It is a very cold sport so when I am skiing ill have to wrap up warm other wise I will be to cold to do anything and when I am cold it wrecks everything and I am not throwing my money away just to be cold. Has any one else been skiing before? I will be staying in this little wooden hut thing on a top of a mountain.. I am flying there and then il be picked up and driven all the way up the mountain... Im not 100% sure what is going to happen as the holiday place sorted out everything for me... il just get to italia and see what happens really.. haha... Im not the cleverest of people when it come to organization and stuff like that. What I am planning on wearing when I go skiing is some really warm self heated coat, some lightweight but wool lined skii boots and some insoles to go in them.. and just some other really warm clothes... I will probably go there missing some really vital piece of kit like my skiis or something.. oh well it will be a adventure so wish me look why dont ya!